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Fostering - What does it involve?

As a foster carer you will work in partnership with Children's Services, other agencies and the child's family. You will support the children and young people in your care to get the most out of life and reach their potential.

You will provide the daily care for any children placed. You will support and be involved in implementing a care plan for individual children, which may include specific responsibilities such as taking them to and from school and supporting them with contact arrangements.

In caring for any child or young person you will encourage and promote healthy growth and personal development paying close attention to their education and health. You will assist and encourage any child or young person placed with you to learn, you'll help them to feel positive about their background, their culture and any religious beliefs they may have. You'll personally build relationships with children and encourage positive relationships with those who are important to them.

While any child or young person is in your care it is of paramount importance that they are kept safe from any harm and/or abuse.

Working as part of the Fostering Service you'll work within policy and guidelines that are in place to ensure that each child fulfils their potential. You will be asked to take part in meetings about the child or young person in your care, keep written records about them and make contributions to reports about the child, dealing responsibly with confidential information.

The rewards of becoming a Foster Carer

As a foster carer you will be undertaking one of the most important tasks there is in society, caring for vulnerable children and young people. As a carer you are part of a team consisting of other foster carers and social workers who are jointly committed to and focused upon the task of providing high quality care for Wrexham's children and young people.